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Celia Duce   


  Phone Number:  050 2219311

Celia Duce graduated cum laude in Chemistry at the University of Pisa, Unipi, (2000) where she completed a PhD in Biomaterials (2005). She is permanent researcher for S.S.D. CHIM/02 and she is teaching Complements of Physical-Chemistry I & Laboratory in the BSc Chemical Sciences degree course. She is an elected member of the council board of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis Interdivisional Group (GICAT) of Italian Chemical Society (2011-2013). She applies thermo analytical techniques(thermogravimety coupled with FTIR, DSC) to the physico-chemical characterization of : archeological pitch and tar; painting binding media (proteinaceous materials, oils, gums, resins), their interactions with pigments and their degradative behavior during ageing.