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Francesca Modugno    


  Phone Number:  050 2219303

Prof. Francesca Modugno obtained M.Sc. degree in Chemistry (1997) and a Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences in (2001) at the University of Pisa. At present, she is Professor in Analytical Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry of University of Pisa, where she teaches analytical chemistry and chemometrics. Her research deals on the development and application of analytical methods based on analytical pyrolysis, mass spectrometry and chromatography to study natural and synthetic organic compounds. Analytical chemistry applied to heritage science is one of her main research interest, within the Laboratory of Chemical Science for the Safeguard of Cultural Heritage (SCIBEC, She focus on the characterisation and the study of the degradation of organic materials in historical and artistic objects, with specific attention to lipids, resins, synthetic polymers, proteins and lignocellulosic materials.